Congress systems
Wireless congress system DCN Next Generation:

Limit flexibility of a wireless communication
Fine legibility of speech
Batteries aren't discharged during conference
After the event, all equipment can be quickly removed
Any meeting, big or small, populous or historical, the wireless negotiation congress system from the Bosch company provides to the organizations incomparable functionality and flexibility. The wireless system can be adjusted according to any requirements to carrying out meeting: from the fast installation which isn't demanding participation of the operator, before installation of completely interactive system of vote with the big screen.
2 — DCN-WDD-D The wireless debatable panel of the delegate of Bosch for two people (a mode of the delegate or the chairman)
4 — DCN-WCCU The central Bosch control unit for wireless system
5 — DCN-WAP wireless point of access
6 — DCN-WCH05 Bosch charger
9 — DCN-SWSMV The PC with the program of management of Bosch congress system

Location independence
The highest quality of a sound (to 20 kHz) wireless debatable congress system as much as possible facilitates conducting conferences. The Bosch Company made every effort to develop system which can be used and adapted for the most various conditions and requirements easily. The basic debatable device allows delegates to speak and listen, and the device for two delegates considerably cuts expenses. In the device it is possible to add easily functions of the chairman, allowing to refuse to other delegates’ performance by one pressing of the button. With the wireless point of access (WAP) noted by awards this debatable system can be installed, adjusted and used without any damage to a room interior.

Convenience of the user
Removable storage Bosch batteries are irreplaceable at multi-day conferences when batteries need to be recharged quickly and effectively. In each compact charger it is possible to load to 5 lithium-ion batteries at the same time. Specially developed software for management of congress system has extremely convenient interface. Though in a basic configuration of system participation of the operator on is required, the software provides to the operator the mass of additional opportunities: it is possible to trace a condition of each separate debatable device, to look through data of the user and other important information.

Needless to say that quality of a signal - the highest. But also, all signals in wireless congress system are protected from interception at digital level.