Personnel accounting systems

From the way in which the management of employees is carried out, its success or defeat may depend. No matter how good the product is and how efficient the service is, business depends on people. Modern managers know that the less time spent on performing administrative functions, the more time is left for basic activities and customer service. As a result, more and more companies are trying to automate traditionally performed manual processes, such as collecting and analyzing data on employees, recording time, calculating wages and scheduling, scheduling, scheduling overtime and much more. Simplex is ready to work with you to create a solution that perfectly fits your conditions. The special unit of Simplex develops products and services that help our clients increase efficiency and productivity and allow managers to devote more time to management, supervisors, and all others to creating real values ​​for their company.


Celestra 2000



Program for accounting of working hours WinSTAR

A comprehensive solution to the OATSSM  compliance problem



STARworks - time recording system based on PC

Additional archiver STARsaver





Informational terminals StarPORT


WinSTAR T100




Interface WinSTAR



Simplex Personnel Manager (SPM)

People-Planner Schedule Manager





Simplex 100

Simplex 125



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