Fire alarm

With regard to fire safety and fire alarm systems, Simplex has been a leader in the market for more than two decades. Simplex firefighting systems are used throughout the world in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities, airports, casinos, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial and military facilities. Our modern systems offer customers reliable fire-fighting technologies. We carry out projects for both new and reconstructed facilities, offering advanced systems for all of their types - from small single-storey houses to high-rise office centers and large building complexes. Equally important is that we have sufficient experience and knowledge to ensure that our products comply with modern strict standards, standards and requirements.


Fire Alarm Control Panels 4004 и 4005

4010 TrueAlarm




Fire alarm TrueAlarm 4020 и 4100

Network 4120 

BacPac Portal


Fire detection systems TrueAlarm







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