Building Management Systems

Building on its latest technological advances in the field of integrated security systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), Simplex has created solutions for the "Intelligent Building" (IB) complex.

The Building Management System (BMS) is a complex of organizational, engineering and technical measures and software aimed at creating a highly efficient, economical infrastructure for servicing the complex, which best meets the needs of users and owners of this building.
This is achieved, first of all, by integrating into the common information and management infrastructure of the main building components and their interaction on the basis of a single data medium, the basis of which is LAN / WAN, organized on the principle of structured cabling systems (SCS).
This architecture of the Building Management System allows:

  • Promptly make decisions in emergency and emergency situations (fire, flooding, water leakage, gas, unauthorized access to protected premises);
  • Ensure timely localization of emergency situations;
  • Receive objective information about the condition of all building systems and their work;
  • Provide centralized control and management in case of emergency situations:
  • Introduce an optimal management regime for engineering equipment in order to reduce the cost of using energy resources consumed by the building (hot and cold water, heat, electricity, air, etc.);
  • Introduce an objective analysis of the operation of equipment, actions of engineering services and security units in emergency situations by documenting decisions taken on the basis of automated databases.

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